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October 8, 2012
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Here's Chapter Two of my PewDiePie x Reader fanfiction! Enjoy!

Special Note: I haven't really heard much of Cry's voice before this, so I had to actually do some research on his voice beforehand.
He has a gorgeous voice.

The bus whirred around the corner, it's harsh lights illuminating your and Felix's figures. You blinked your eyes against the momentarily blinding rays. The groaning machine haulted in front of the bus stop.
The two of you rose at the same time, and you felt Felix remove his arm from around you. You reached for your bags, but they weren't there. You looked up and saw Felix handing you your bags.
"Here you go, bro." He said, flashing you an oh-so-gorgeous smile. Your heart fluttered in your chest, and a blush began to creep onto your already-red cheeks. You didn't want to leave, but you couldn't stay. If you stayed, perhaps your desires would be too obvious. What if he thought you were weird? Worries filled your mind as you stood there, paralyzed by indecision.
"Hey, lady, you gonna get on or what?" The bus driver called from the bus. You jumped, and lowered your head momentarily, embarassed.
"Um, bye..." You stammer, and then turn to walk onto the bus.
"See you bro!" Felix called. You looked crossly up at the bus driver, but the expression was soon replaced by one of surprise. The driver was a man donning a green hoodie and a small white mask that covered his forehead, eyes, and part of his nose. A long brown hair poked out unnaturally from underneath, sticking up into the air. The rest of his hair was also brown but was rather uneven or messy.
"C'mon, I don't have all day..." The driver grumbled. You nod and sit down quickly, setting down your bags next to you.
That can't be Cry, can't it? You ask yourself. I mean, I already met surely I couldn't meet Cry in the same day... You sat back in your seat, wondering whether or not you should ask. Again, you were suspended in indecision. Finally, you decided you'd might as well ask, because it'd only bother you more if you didn't know.
"E-excuse me," You started, sitting forward in your seat to peer at the man in the driver's seat.
"Mm?" He tilted his head ever so slightly, enough to expose just under his eyes, but not quite his eyes.
"Are you....are you Cry?"
You were kind of taken back by his straightforward answer. You had half-expected him to say no, after all. Perhaps you had just been imagining things. But, no, it appears you weren't.
"Why? You a follower?"
"Um...well, I'm a fan of PewDiePie's and, well-"
"You're part of the Bro army?"
The driver's voice grew somewhat in volume, although he still managed to seem calm and somewhat interested.
"Yes," You proceeded cautiously.
It was then that you heard the voices behind you that sounded so familiar.
"Ellos bro."
"Chairmode activate! Boop!"

And this is where I lead off. Expect some more romance in the next Chapter. Expect Jealousy in the next Chapter(s?) and, and you get to talk to Stephano and Mr. Chair! Woot!

So yeah, I'll probably post some new chapters relatively soon!
Peace out bros, brofist C:
Finally! Chapter Two is up for you bros! I'll try and finish Stephano x Reader Chapter Two.

But, I wanna make a quick thanks to my awesome new bro friend, :iconginaxstan: who was so awesome enough to make this new cover art/fan art!
So, go watch her. She's cool. And a bro.

And uh, stay tuned for next time!
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